How easy is it to dress fashionably and warm in winter?  Not easy at all.  So us girls are always looking for clothes that can keep us warm, but also keep us fashionable at the same time and OMG LADIES!!!!  I just found the greatest thing.  This is THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS but in a coat!

I know it looks expensive, but honestly I’m almost ashamed to say how cheap it was — and the quality is on point!  I will put a link to the coat below, along with other items that I’m wearing in the photo.

Like every Quebec girl knows, winter isn’t very friendly to us.  And we all have different needs depending on what we do.  But for most of us fashionistas, we’re always looking for that great winter jacket.  Tadamm!  Here it is!  THE JACKET!  Seriously girls, this jacket is one of my favorite pieces.  I bought it a few years ago, and it was a great deal because I found it on sale!  It keeps me super warm, and I would recommend it to anyone trying to stay warm and stylish at the same time.

Love you girls


Comme vous le savez, l’hiver n’est pas très amical ici au Québec. Nous avons donc différents besoins en matière de vêtements. Pour la plupart d’entre nous, nous recherchons un manteau qui nous garde au chaud, mais digne d’une fashionista. Tadamm !!


Sérieux les filles, ce manteau, je l’ai acheté il y a déjà quelques années et honnêtement, c’est un vrai bon deal !!! il était en rabais, et il a su me gardé au chaud en tout temps. Je vous le recommande absolument.

Love you girls Xox,